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9 Signs You’re Over-stressed (And Don’t Know It)

Stress is the main cause of many different sicknesses and medical conditions. And so doctors warn of the serious consequences for health. Sometimes, if the symptoms are not clear, you may not notice it immediately, but they cause many side effects.


Therefore, it is necessary to learn and diagnose the signs to treat them, thus avoiding future complications. These are the 9 most common signs that a stressed person has:

Stress Cause Weak libido

Stress could weaken your libido, causing this factor to reduce levels of sex hormones I’ve even, up to maybe exhaustion and impotence.

Therefore, you should find a way to relax and enjoy your sex life. You should also talk to your partner and find a way to fix these kinds of problems.

Hair loss

According to Carolyn Jacob, the medical director and founder of Dermatology and Cosmetic surgery in Chicago, we lose nearly 100 hairs a day without realizing it.

However, stress is the leading cause of hair loss, altering the normal physiological functions of the body. Making the amount of hair loss is more prominent due to the changes that the stressed body suffers.

Mood swings

Stress affects hormones, which are manifested by frequent mood swings. As well as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, and other mental health problems.

Obsessive thinking about work

Stress often makes us worry about work, obligations, and economic issues. However, the best way to solve the problem is to step back and think calmly.

Otherwise, it will aggravate the problem, causing physical and psychological issues. Better, enjoy the time by relaxing with your family and friends.

Weight variations

Stress leads to weight variations as it causes loss of appetite, weight loss, or can reduce metabolism and cause weight gain.

Sleep problems

Too much stress often causes fatigue and exhaustion problems. You must specify the cause of the stress and try to solve it to get the rest your body needs. You can deal with yoga, meditation, exercise, or just walking through nature, reading, etc.

Lack of patience

You will often feel impatient if you are under much stress, like angry, irritated, and bigoted. To avoid discussions with the people you love, change your mind quickly. Find a way to deal with stress.

Body Ache

Often, causes a malfunction of the body, causing body aches, headaches, severe arthritis, chest pain, ulcers, palpitation, tension, muscle aches, diarrhea, and stomach problems.

To improve your overall health and prevent serious health problems, start today to eliminate everything that causes stress in life. Instead, finding love and relaxation in you will make you come into peace with your daily life.

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