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Who We Are? You might be getting this answer in our brief intro by scrolling down.

About Us: A healthy and blissful life seeks a contented soul and the nutrition of that contentment lies in your hands. If you desire a well-balanced and incredibly soothing life with a Happy Mind and a Happy Soul, I’m here to gift you all that leads to the core! I’m an amateur who is dwelled in the knowledge of Health and it’s right implementations and this website will offer you a hand to follow and benefit from it. Together we’ll embrace this life in the most beneficial form ever!

This Website will help you seek the required optimism and biological guidelines that will sparkle your lifestyle and help you turn over a new leaf! It will enable you to stay updated regarding the norms of a happy and healthy life in a way that would make you fall in love with this life of yours. Invest the right nutrition and let your life Glow and Grow! 

Wonder if we’re making healthy choices? Making healthy choices is not in our nature. Most of us would choose the couch over the treadmill or the triple-decker cheeseburger and fries over the Mediterranean salad.

Knowing if we are fit is the most perplexing question and one almost impossible to quantify. The whole subject is as deep as it is broad and we usually take it for granted until something goes wrong!

How do we know if we are really in top shape? If we feel good and don’t exhibit any symptoms, are we fit? Probably not. I recall hearing a doctor (I believe it was Dr. Stephen Boyd, M.D. Ph.D. FRSMS) speaking at a conference, who said, “The only way to tell if you are well is to get an autopsy.”

I’m reminded of the old Salem witch-hunting days. The acid test was to affix weights to an accused witch and throw her into the village pond. If she floated, she was a witch and would be burned at the stake. If she sank and drowned, she was innocent. At least that’s how I remember it.

At times, it seems that some of our medical interventions work the same way. With many of our catastrophic diseases, the treatment is worse than the disease with no guarantee of success. “Hello, Mr. Jones? This is Dr. Bones. About your wife, the good news is, we got all cancer; the bad news is, she didn’t survive the treatment.”

Sickness Doesn’t Usually Happen Overnight!

The problem is that many of our catastrophic, fatal diseases, like some cancers and cardiovascular diseases, are developing years before they exhibit symptoms.

Very often, the first indication of a heart problem is dropping dead from a massive myocardial infarction, that’s heart attack to those of us who are medical degree challenged.

I Think I’ve Lost my Balance!

Speaking of medical degrees, healthcare providers use the word “Homeostasis” to describe optimal wellness. Homeostasis refers to a state of balance or equilibrium in the body.

If everything works according to plan when something in the body starts going awry, a system of feedback mechanisms will work to bring the errant function back into line, that is, back in balance. The healthy choices we make throughout our lives give our bodies a fighting chance.

What? You’re Not a Doctor?

This site is not intended to present med school-level information. I’m not a doctor either.  This site is not for doctors, a healthcare provider. I’m someone who has a deep interest in the natural sciences, particularly in the Bio-Sciences with the emphasis on our immune system. My objective is to stay fit and enjoy the highest quality of life I can, by making healthy choices.

My purpose is to share the knowledge I have picked up over the last few years with other laymen like myself. The audience is not the medical community but everyday people looking for a better quality of life without depending on prescription drugs or being tied to the U.S. healthcare system.

The objective is to present many lifestyle healthy choices that are simple and easy to implement, which can result in an optimal degree of wellness and freedom if adopted. The site concludes with an examination of the natural approach, that is, alternative and complementary medicine.

Problems! Problems! Problems!

I have learned that our food supply no longer delivers all we need for optimum nutrition, our environment is killing us and our over-regulated healthcare system dominated by pharmaceutical companies is geared to control symptoms, not cure. The only way to beat the system is to become knowledgeable about how to make those healthy choices.

My lifestyle changes include a daily regimen of various dietary supplements, scheduled daily exercise, filtered air, and water in my home and dramatic changes in my eating habits.

The outcome of all this is that I no longer take any prescription or over-the-counter meds, my weight is where it should be, I sleep well and life is good. I hope yours will be as well! Making healthy choices a habit pays off big time!

Laugh, Sleep and Exercise Your Way to a Quality Lifestyle!

The flow then takes us to the Lifestyle choices that affect our “state of wellness” and thus our quality of life. The healthy choices affecting our quality of life include stress management, quality sleep, regular exercise, and laughter.

If you seek a Happy Healthy Life, Trust Me It seeks you back!

Indulge into this journey of bliss with me and together we’ll cherish this amazing journey of Beautiful Transformations!