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Earth Day Tips 2020-How To Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day Tips: The Earth is a unique planet in the solar system that supports life growth. It is a place where humans, animals, as well as plants, live. So, taking care of the Earth is crucial to our well-being.

As humans with responsibility, we should keep our environment clean, fresh, and organized because an unclean environment can lead to many unsolicited problems like pollution, chronic diseases, and global warming.

Protecting our environment can save life on Earth because we all are equally responsible for the environment we live in. The importance of “Saving Earth” was first recognized in 1970 after witnessing the damage caused by a massive oil spill incident in 1969  that took place in Santa Barbara, California.

Then Gaylord Nelson organized a national level “teach-in” that concentrates on providing education to the general public regarding the importance of the environment, and thus the Earth Day originated. This is a special day, celebrated globally to make people aware of the importance of Earth by sharing some Earth day tips with them.

Today, more than 192 countries celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. The most striking fact about this global event is that it somehow managed to organize itself. This event is continuing to grow, and more and more countries are participating in this movement.

It is very fruitful to celebrate Earth day because people get motivated to make their homes clean. They came to know the importance of Earth and the cleanliness of the environment. 

The important events or activities of this day are:

  • Awareness campaigns about the cleanliness of Earth
  • Seminars for the importance of Earth
  • Ways to contribute to the well-being of Earth
  • Ways to lead a healthy and hygienic life

Earth Day Tips to Improve the Environment:

If we really want to be a part of this globally conducted event, then we must do some environmental cleaning activities. In fact, we should celebrate every day as earth day. Some of the significant things that we can do to make our environment clean are as under:

  • Plant more trees because plants have a duty of giving oxygen to us, and they also clean the environment.
  • We need to avoid using microbeads. Microbeads are used in different daily use items and are not suitable for our environment, so it is essential to avoid using it.
  • Burn the litter properly.
  • We need to recycle the paper.
  • We need to use lifesaving bags. These bags are readily available in supermarkets. These bags are reusable
  • We need to avoid using plastic bags.
  • Chewing gum used for restricting lousy breath is not a good idea. Brush your teeth daily and avoid chewing gum. These are not disposable and lead to pollution in the environment.
  • Another good activity on the earth day is to go on a beach plan and use it to dispose of the plastic there.
  • Yes! The most important thing for our health as well as for our Earth is to avoid using too many vehicles. Walk more if possible. If not, then use a cycle or a bicycle for a little distance. The fuel for cars is a significant source of environmental pollution.
  • Use organic things in your houses. Avoid using a synthetic material. Natural items are inexpensive and are suitable for our health.
  • Be a vegetarian, and stop eating a lot of meat in your meal.
  • Start using glass bottles for drinking water. Do not use a plastic container.


These are the very few suggestions or activities which you can do on Earth day. Search more such activities on the internet and contribute to Earth day. Our Earth is our present as well as our future so we should save our future by employing healthy activities.

The theme for Earth day:

Events always have some themes as we celebrate numerous events that have themes. Similarly, the theme for the Earth day in 2019 was “protect our species.” This theme was about the rapid extinction of species due to the forbidding activities of human beings.

Climate change, deforestation, habitat loss are all results of unforgiving human’s activities. Such themes help us to understand the major problems of the environment and how we can overcome these snags.

Earth Day Theme 2018
End Plastic Pollution.
Earthday 2019 Theme
Protect Our Species

When Is Earth Day 2020

April 22, 2020. April 22, 2020, will mark 50 years of Earth Day.

The theme will be climate action (Climate Change)

Innovative ways to celebrate Earth Day:

You may find a number of creative ideas and Earth day tips for properly celebrating this important day. Some of these ideas are:

  • The most amazing and natural thing which we all can do is to make one small change. For example, start using a glass water bottle. Plastic bottles are dangerous for health. Plastic bottles promote the pollution of Earth in a substantial manner
  • It will be very amazing to host an Eco swap or a craft day
  • Go green go! Wear green and spread green. Read a green book or watch a movie about earth day
  • Buy food from farmers to play a role in promoting organic items
  • Help other people around you. Give them awareness about the importance of Earth day
  • Spend a day without throwing any garbage anywhere
  • Try to clean the houses, streets, and roads
  • Arrange some seminars in your area for spreading awareness regarding the significance of Earth day
  • Work voluntarily in activities related to the cleanliness of Earth
  • Make your environment smoke free
  • Try to make less use of vehicles to reduce carbon emission

These all are delightful activities as well as helpful in cleaning the environment!

How to make every day as earth day?

Important things to do in daily life, which help in cleaning the surrounding include:

  • Turn off the excessive lights- Light rays are also contributing to pollution.
  • Save the water- Do not waste too much water in houses.
  • Burn the litter of your houses on a daily basis.
  • Walk on a daily basis- Do not use buses and personal cars for minimizing air pollution.

If we change our lifestyle, we can make a significant change all around. We should understand that technology is just for ease, do not use it excessively. Teach other people also to make their lives active. Make less use of electronic appliances.

Ways to reduce waste material:

earth day tips
  • Say a big no to plastic- Disposable plates, bottles, and bags should be strictly prohibited
  • Excessive use of electricity is not recommended
  • Learn the methods of repairing old items and do not discard them immediately
  • Learn the importance of recycling
  • Limit the paper use
  • Burn the litter instead of throwing it away
  • Properly dispose of the garbage
  • Turn off the extra lights, fans and other electrical appliances
  • Avoid noise pollution

Try to be a human being who contributes to the wellness of their habitat.

There are so many films on the beauty and cleanliness of Earth. We human beings usually spend free time watching movies based on romance and action. These movies are not so beneficial for us. They just help us in time killing. We need to watch films related to Earth and learn about the importance of Earth and nature.

On Earth day, such movies which are representing our nature should be shown to people. It is the best as well as an easy tip for you. It will motivate people to put their contributions to the well being of Earth.

People learn more from movies and similar media as compared to self-teaching. We need to especially educate our children as they are our bright future. They should be well aware of the importance of cleanliness.

We should teach the kids about their own hygiene also. Try to teach your children about the ways to clean Earth. Invite them on the seminars and campaigns running for promoting Earth day.


The USA started to celebrate Earth day in 1970. They are the pioneers of this wonderful act. Now more than 192 countries are celebrating this global event. After this step taken by the USA, a very positive change is witnessed in people.

They get knowledge about the reality of Earth and its importance in their lives. People are now learning different methods to make the environment dirt free.

Technology and Earth day:

earth day tips

We are living in the ear where technology works more than any other thing. People rely more on technology and have more trust in technology than humans. People are searching for ways that make their lives easier.

They avoid doing more physical work. People can get more Earth day tips from these technological advancements:

  • TV channels
  • Print media
  • Social media

It’s a time when everyone spends most of their time on mobile phones. It is even spreading like a trend in children to surf time on the internet and smartphone devices.

Other activities of children include watching TV and social media. Similarly, the business class or some professional people spend their time reading newspapers and articles. So, it is the best way to teach people about the importance of Earth using these media.

Especially on the tips of Earth day, there should be programs about Earth on all these most available and widely used technology. There are pros and cons to every facility we are using. It is our responsibility to positively use our mind and contribute to the well being of our habitat.

We should also groom our children accordingly. Being a parent and teacher, we have more duties in serving our planet. If we overlook the importance of Earth, then consequences will be harsh. So, we should think about it before any big loss occurs.

Education initiatives for Earth day:

Cleaning and decorating are the basic manners of a good life. As we daily clean our bedrooms and bathrooms and decorate our drawing rooms, Earth is also our house. It needs to be regularly cleaned and decorated. Earth has a major effect on our lives.

It gives us good mental and physical health. A clean atmosphere leads to good mental and physical health.

The educational system has great power. There are different types of educational systems. One kind of education is that which we are getting from our houses. The other type is that which we get from schools and colleges.

The learning process works very fast in childhood as kids imitate their elders immediately because their minds capture things quickly. So it is straightforward to give them knowledge about the cleanliness of Earth.

We should play movies on the importance of Earth day. Teachers should teach them in schools about cleanliness, health, and hygiene. There should be exciting activities for children, which promotes the concept of cleaning their environment. Such as:

  • Using organic material on a daily basis
  • Walk more and make less use of buses while coming to schools
  • Avoid discarding papers
  • Learn different methods of recycling
  • Learn the importance of burning litter
  • Do not ever throw the garbage on the road
  • Turn off the extra lights in your classrooms
  • Share good thoughts and functional knowledge to your peer group
  • Practice all the activities learned at school in your houses

Sуmbоlѕ of Earth day

  • Plаnеt earth.
  • Trее.
  • A flоwеr.
  • Lеаvеѕ.  
  • Thе rесусling ѕуmbоl.
  • Cоlоrѕ: Grееn, Brown, оr Blue


It is all depending on human beings, whether they are contributing to the wellness of Earth or vice versa. Earth day is an excellent source of teaching people by providing them some Earth day tips.

Special events on this day are helping people a lot for making their concept clear regarding the significance of earth cleanliness. Special seminars and campaigns are held on this day and people learn a lot of Earth day tips.

People contribute in different activities which help in making the Earth dirt free. They get the knowledge that their own hygiene is in danger if their environment is not secure and healthy. Some of the tips in a nutshell are:

  • Planting trees
  • Burning litter
  • Disposing garbage
  • Recycling daily use items
  • Avoid too much use of vehicles
  • Importance of walk
  • Reduce the use of electrical appliances
  • Avoid using plastic bags
  • Stop using disposable plates
  • Use glass bottles

People learn these Earth day tips and then spread this knowledge all around, especially to their children at home. Schools and colleges also arrange seminars on 22nd April.

Such types of workshops are essential to encourage our children and teachers as they start performing different activities on cleanliness for cleaning their colleges and schools. People will learn about ways to reduce pollution.

All these efforts and tips contribute positively to the well being of the environment.

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