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Top 10 Healthy Foods for Boosting Energy

Top 10 Healthy Foods: At the point when you are coming up short on energy, you will go after a piece of candy or caffeine intuitively to pump you up. At the point when you are coming up short on energy, you will go after a piece of candy or caffeine intuitively to pump you up.

Top 10 Healthy Foods for Boosting Energy

1 – Whole grains

Carbohydrates are the body’s natural fuel, broken down into glucose to keeps the cells running. However, the type of carbohydrates that you choose matter a lot.

Grains such as those found in oatmeal and whole-grain bread will take a long time to digest and will give you sustained energy as opposed to processed carbs such as white bread with will only give you temporary energy.

2- Yoghurt

Adding proteins to the carbs you are eating will slow down it’s digestion considerable providing you with more sustained energy. Greek yoghurt is especially full of protein than traditional yoghurt. 

3 – Nuts

Nuts are packed with fibre proteins and nutrients. A single tablespoon full of peanut butter spread on whole bread is a sufficient lunch snack to get you through the rest of the day.

4 – Fruits

Fruits often referred to nature’s dessert, is one of the few great ways to satisfy your sweet cravings and fill up your body with healthy carbs.

In addition to this, it is packed with vitamins and minerals which help ward off infections.

5- Shellfish and fish

These are food that is very low in fat and high omega-3 fatty acids and high lean proteins, which are very important to the health of the heart.

They are also a great source of iron which aids in the transport of oxygen in the body. These delicious, light and quick foods can keep you energized for longer.

6- Beans

Are suitable for the health of the heart and are exceptionally low in fat but packed with proteins as well as magnesium, vitamin B, potassium and calcium.

These will not only keep your energy high but also boost your immunity.

7- Leafy Vegetables (Dark)

When you are picking a vegetable, pick the darkest as it is the richest in nutrients such as vitamins C and A, fibre, calcium and iron. Vegetables like chard, spinach and kales are the best.

8- Dark Chocolate

Taking lots of chocolate believe or not is okay, so long as it is the right kind.

Dark chocolate which is processed less is best as they are packed with flavanol an antioxidant which helps boost the health of the heart, delivering more oxygen which later translates to more energy.

9 – Popcorn

It can be a filling snack that is low in fat. However, as a whole grain, it is packed with fibre. However, while popcorns are good for energy.

You should beware of theatre popcorns as they full of calories, oil and salt. Instead of this, prefer air-popped corn.

10 – Water

This is readily available and cheap. It is packed with nutrients that boost your cellular energy. Mild dehydration, believe it or not, can drain you of all your energy.

Therefore make it a habit to take a glass of milk, juice and water often. With all the newfound energy, what should you do? Well, use some of it exercising, and you will increase your levels of energy even more.

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