9 Signs You’re Over-stressed (And Don’t Know It)

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Stress is the main cause of many different sicknesses and medical conditions. And so doctors warn of the serious consequences for health. Sometimes, if the symptoms are not clear, you may not notice it immediately, but they cause many side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to learn and diagnose the signs to treat them, thus … Read more

Crippling Depression-Risk Factors-Diagnose and Treatment

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Crippling Depression is also called Major Depressive Disorder. A major depressive disorder is one of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders and estimated that greater than 300 million people suffer from depression. According to W-H-O states that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that approximately seven point six … Read more

The Cardiovascular System of Human Body

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Cardiovascular System. It’s all about Distribution! Cardiovascular System of Human Body. How much time do we spend thinking about the Human Cardiovascular System? If you’re like most other people and me, probably not much. Our country’s distribution systems (roadways, railroads, pipelines, and transmission lines) are the main things that keep the American economy moving and … Read more