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Top 10 Food for Healthy Liver

Top 10 Food For Healthy Liver: Since we live in a world where diseases are continuously on the increase, this should not come as a surprise. The environment that surrounds us is very toxic, for instance, the food we eat, water, air, among other things. One consequential example is bleach. It is an important product relied upon in the whole universe for cleaning.

However, it can be very harmful to the respiratory tract if one inhales the gas emitted from the product. Other toxic substances that affect hour liver, as well as health in general, are pesticides, beauty products, etc.

The liver is a vital part of our body since it is responsible for detoxifying the harmful chemicals ingested or inhaled. For this reason, all these substances deposited in the liver. When they accumulate, they can become toxic to the liver and wreck it.

However, scientific research has come up with the top 10 foods for a healthy liver.

Top 10 Food for Healthy Liver

1- Spinach

Raw spinach is a significant source of glutathione that induces toxin cleansing enzymes of the liver. These dark green veggies packed with vitamins A and C that helps to release sebum, which is scalp oil that works as a natural hair conditioner.

2- Citrus Fruits

A very high amount of vitamin C found in lemon and lime. This helps to stimulate the liver and help in the synthesis of toxic materials into a form that can be absorbed by water.

3- Cabbage

The ICT’s (isothiocyanates) made from cabbages’ glucosinolates give liver detoxifying enzymes. That assists in flushing out toxic substances.

4- Turmeric

This is the liver’s most favorite spice, and it aids boost the liver’s detox. To achieve this, it assists enzymes to flush out dietary carcinogens actively.

5- Walnuts

They are a good source of glutathione, amino acids, and omega-3 fatty acids arginine that gives support to the standard cleansing actions of the liver, more so in detoxifying ammonia.

6- Avocados

It is a nutrient dense-super food that assists the body to produce glutathione.

7- Apples

They are very rich in pectin as well as other chemicals that are essential in releasing and cleansing the toxins from the digestive tract. This fruit makes it very easy for the liver to handle the toxic load during the process of cleansing.

8- Brussels Sprouts

They are very rich in antioxidant glucosinolate and sulfur that forces the liver to secrete the enzymes that block damage from dietary or environmental toxins.

9- Garlic

It comes with saliva that helps activate enzymes of the liver, which in turn helps the body to flush out toxins. It also has a high amount of selenium and allicin. The tow natural compounds aids in the liver cleansing process.

10- Dandelion

The dandelion root tea helps the liver to break down fats, releasing amino acids and ridding it of toxic elements.

In Addition

Leafy green vegetables: they are very rich in plant chlorophyll, which helps to absorb toxins from the environment, increase the production of bile, neutralize heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals, which reduce the burden on the liver.

They work with fruits to release vitamin C, which makes hair healthy.

Top 10 Food-Conclusion

As earlier mentioned, the liver performs many essential and dangerous functions in the body. To live longer, the above-discussed foods should take regularly to boost liver functions and make it healthy.

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